About me

What I do and what’s in it for You ?

I am a people developer based in Gurgaon, India. My two decades plus of experience in hospitality has given me valuable skills and knowledge in the areas of sales & marketing, customer relationship management, image development and career management. I have a belief in human potential and a passion for improving lives. I love to be a guide in the journey called life and help people achieve their goals.

I have worked in different industries and developed successful sales teams. I enhance your life journey through leadership coaching  and career counseling. I upskill you through soft skills & customer relationship management training and provide image enhancement consulting. I continue to build on my passion for travel and focus on a niche of women travelers and experiential food trails. When I am not involved in any of these, you will find me blogging, baking, gardening, writing content and working on my book – Yes, I do believe in living life fully!

My goal is to help YOU achieve more in life – be it a great career, wonderful relationships or become a great leader. I am committed to helping you invest in a brand called YOU – and having fun whilst doing so!

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