Life Coaching helps in taking your life and career to the next level and transforming the quality of your life personally and professionally. It can help to achieve a personal goal such as happiness, work-life balance, financial security and better relationships or help to achieve professional goals such as enhancing soft skills, leadership competencies, developing managers and workplace well-being.

Coaching is a co-creative process. A coach is essentially a catalyst that enables you to explore your thoughts, brings forth self awareness, integrates your emotions, beliefs, behaviors and core values in alignment with your goals and helps you maximize your potential and work on our outcomes.

No matter what stage you are in life, you always have infinite possibilities ahead of you and it helps to get a professional expert who can support you get clarity, define goals and set you on the success path. I offer life coaching services online or through virtual mode and am proud to be considered as one of the top life coaches in India.

While I help my clients achieve successful outcomes in all areas of their lives, I specialize in the following niches:


It enables you to pursue what you are passionate about, get complete clarity about your career – current and future, discover career options best suited to you, identify your career goals, take action steps to progress towards your goals and live a fulfilling life.

My own career journey spans over two decades in hospitality, real estate and airlines. I have myriad experiences with clients, corporates, services and businesses. I understand the juxtaposition of personal and professional lives. These insights are how I relate to my clients and know exactly what they are going through. I also help my clients explore opportunities and create a career that they desire. The career coaching services for professionals and organizations are through online mode and considered one of the best in Gurgaon.

Are you going through any of this now? Then career coaching can definitely benefit you – book a clarity call with one of the best career coaches in Delhi NCR.

  • No fulfilment in the current job/role?
  • How to manage a career plateau?
  • Too much stress at work?
  • Work-life balance gone for a toss?
  • Fed up with the corporate rat race?
  • Looking to start something on your own?
  • Want to pursue your passion?
  • Lack of Focus?
  • Confusion on the next career move?
  • Laid off from work and don’t know how to restart?
  • Mid career change on your mind?
  • Returning after sabbatical or a break?
  • Transitioning careers?
  • Thinking of improving your personal brand?


It enables you to move from a life of success to a life of significance and create a lasting impact by transitioning from good to great. people aspiring to get into leadership roles, cross the mid-level positions, and get to the next level, or simply grow their potential.

You don’t necessarily need to be classified as a Leader already – with Leadership coaching you can step into this role effortlessly. As more and more younger leaders are thrust into leadership roles, they hardly get a chance to prepare for it and yet are expected to hit the ground running. For a majority of these Leaders investing in themselves to exemplify their effectiveness will make them great Leaders. Leadership coaching offers the perfect stimulation to cultivate the mindset and behavior required

When high potentials are identified in any organization to prepare for a new role to lead their former peers, or new managers are developed to lead a new group/ business unit/ function/ enterprise, they experience new challenges. Their skills and experience prepares them technically but they need to work on the softer competencies of inspiring, leading with energy and aligning stakeholders to drive results. For leaders coming from outside the organization, they need to adapt fast to a new culture and a new environment and be able to set their goals and also establish their credibility. In order to unleash their own and their team’s potential to achieve the goals in the most effective way, they will find a helping hand in the form of a Leadership Coach.

I work with mid managers and senior managers to hone their leadership competencies, and, with organizations who want to develop their managers for more responsibilities and senior roles. You will be working with one of the best leadership coaches in India. Leadership coaching for working professionals can help their career soar. Group coaching is another way to avail the benefits of leadership coaching and also learn from one another.

Are you going through any of this now? Then leadership coaching can definitely benefit you.

  • Aspiring to get into a leadership role?
  • Moving to the next leadership level?
  • Crossing mid-level position to senior level position?
  • Handling a team for the first time?
  • Moving to a different organization with a different culture?
  • Becoming a new manager?
  • Wanting to nab that promotion?
  • Want to better handle your emotions at work?
  • Handling workplace politics?
  • Struggling to manage downstream and upstream?
  • Thinking of improving your personal brand?

Who Qualifies for Leadership Career Coaching?

Leadership Career Coaching is a partnership – A collaborative relationship between a leader and the coach. The leader can be a manager, a supervisor, a team leader, a business head or business owner — anyone in charge or responsible for a group of people.

Why should Organizations get their people coached?

When a leader gets coached, the cascading effect is on the whole organization by improvement in the leader’s performance. It is a phenomenal game-changer – growing and developing talent to bring about high-performing teams in any organization. In today’s world individuals are propelled to senior roles quickly and these leaders need support and guidance on this rapid journey – which is provided well by a Leadership coach.

Leadership Coaching can cover myriad issues, primary one’s being:

  • Career planning & development
  • Engage in a more effective leadership style – Leadership values & leadership skills
  • Growth and development in line with succession planning
  • Enhance interpersonal and communication skills (EQ)
  • Focus on personal development and build personal branding & image
  • Develop Star performers
  • Boost productivity
  • Achieve work/life balance and time management to boost
  • Build networking skills and
  • Develop conflict management skills
  • Manage upwards
  • Resource management
  • Focus on well being and self-confidence
  • Manage stress

What is The Coaching Process?

A typical coaching engagement would begin with a “Clarity Call” or ‘Discovery Call’ with me. In this exploratory call we can assess the ability to work together towards a meaningful and productive coaching relationship with trust and rapport. We will have a coaching agreement in place to start the sessions. The coaching sessions are conducted over the phone. Group coaching sessions are over zoom till the time the pandemic is prevalent.

The coaching sessions start with getting an overview of your life to understand what areas are working and which areas need working on. I will assist you in exploring limiting beliefs and obstacles and also to establish clear goals and support you in finding the answers within you. I will work with you in full confidentiality towards taking positive actions to achieve your desired outcome.


My programs are designed based on two significant factors:

  1. Code of ethics as prescribed by the ICF
  2. Proven principles of coaching

Each of my coaching programs have been designed to deliver incredible value and to support you in your exploratory journey of growth and success. You can discuss it with me in your complimentary 20-minute clarity session.



Dear Sonia,

 I thank you for the immense support which you gave me during 4 months of my crucial period.

 I will always remember the discussions which we had and your valuable inputs during those discussions. Be it remaining calm and composed, positive approach, positive attitude, interview discussions, what to say, when to say and how to say, approach towards job search, using tools for job search, building contacts etc.

 Your focused approach towards the problem and providing solution for that problem is indeed appreciable. Your holistic view of the situation of what a person is going through and the guidance of how to tackle and overcome that situation has really helped me to a great extent. I have learnt this art from you and will make sure I will pass it on to people who come to me for any problem.

 I thank you again for your kind support during this tenure and will surely be in touch with you. Needless to say, in future any problems related to the work front I will take the liberty of troubling you again 🙂  “

 -A senior client from media


“ Hello Sonia,

Hope you’re doing good…!

It was really very good journey with you. You have coached me very well & also made me aware of some HR tactics for which we as professional are completely unaware (specially salary negotiations & LinkedIn awareness sessions).

It was inter-active sessions & instead of traditional coaching word I will refer these sessions as very healthy & fruitful guiding discussions

Pls be in touch & Best of luck for your future assignments…!  ”

-A senior manager from the Automotive Industry


“…As for my coach, Sonia, she is outstandingly motivating, she has in-depth market intelligence, industry wise if I may say, and most importantly is a wonderful human being with an ocean of knowledge. In every interview that I have gone for, she has stood like a pillar and helped me with every possible question that could ever be asked and I feel so well prepared. ”

– A sales leader with Media

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