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Sales Trends for 2020

#1: It’s all about giving a great Experience

Ever checked the reviews before you bought a product on-line? – Almost all the time……?

So, do your customers – each time and with each purchase.

Every interaction your customer has with your Company at any touch-point is a customer experience, so make it a WoW one –  so that you create brand advocates rather than irate customers. The mathematics of the equation is such that one unhappy customer feedback negates the positive feedback of 20 happy one’s! Therefore creating a positive experience for your customer should be the core of your business plan specially if you are in the services industry. Understand the customer journey and look for opportunities to be the partner for solutions rather than being an opportunistic salesman.

 #2: Deep Learning, AI, Sales Enablement & Sales

No, these are no longer disparate terms. The sooner your business and sales teams incorporate new technologies, the better they will be able to utilize the  outputs to give exponential performance. AI is not  limited to having robots perform automated tasks, it has the ability to access data, do number crunching in seconds and predict not only trends but extrapolate future trends too. All these will simplify your sales results and enhance the productivity of your team – contrary to popular belief AI will not replace your sales team!

AI is fortunately easily accessible – sales tools have already added CRM and prospecting tools – which are primarily AI based features. Enhancing your learning about your leads and prospects along with accurate data analysis  is possible with tools like ‘MissingLink’ which automate deep learning.

Incorporating automation and technology is no longer an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ – and the sooner the better if you intend to remain in the game. While Sales teams get various tools to get their tasks going, a strategic approach to sales enablement would help get results faster. Taking the time to really plan out a sales enablement strategy can pay huge dividends. You will be able to create coaching programs, simulated scenarios, develop people’s skills and use AI to assess skill gaps to address etc. It is the best office aid ever.

#3: Woo Generation Z

Whilst the World targets Millennials who are perceived to have buying power, trends indicate that Generation Z is the one to woo. Generation Z comprises of  people born between the mid-’90s to the mid-2000s – which means that the older generation would be in their mid-twenties now and are on their way to become the largest set of consumers as they currently account for 32% of the world’s population – and growing.

Also referred to as the iGeneration, these people have had access to technology , social media, smart gadgets etc. and value experiences not products – and this again brings us full circle to #1.

#4: Multichannel Content  – Omnichannel Strategy is needed

The younger shoppers have a penchant for an integrated experience when making any purchase. With access to multiple devices, they seek a personalized experience across different channels.

Moving towards omnichannel marketing and creating an omnichannel experience will have a positive impact on sales. An omnichannel strategy is an approach to sales and marketing that provides customers with a fully-integrated buying experience by uniting user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile-browsing and everything in between. Hence the term Omni.

Knowing and understanding these trends allows you to better prepare for the future, prime-most being the customer experience. This is better enhanced by having the right people placed at the right position and is an off-spin of the right training.

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