Month: November 2020

10 ways to be more organized

Organizing one’s life is akin to a juggling act – You have to keep the balls in the air to keep them from crashing into the ground – and so it is with different areas of your life. The secret to achieving a well organized life is make sure that you are juggling less and […]

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How do you define Success

Well, is there anyone in this world who doesn’t love the smell of s-u-c-c-e-s-s?! Everyone is in the pursuit of money, power, relationships and a myriad of things – all associated with success, but no one ever stops to pause and wonder what really is success? Success ironically can mean different things to different people. […]

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The 7 Laws of Success to Ace your Interview!

How do you ensure that you stand out from competition? How do you make a great impression on the interviewer? What is your strategy for nailing the ‘out of syllabus’ questions? Let’s examine some great tips from the experts: 1. Do your homework – Research adequately – the Company, the interviewer, the JD. News search, […]

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