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Dear Sonia,

 I thank you for the immense support which you gave me during 4 months of my crucial period.

 I will always remember the discussions which we had and your valuable inputs during those discussions. Be it remaining calm and composed, positive approach, positive attitude, interview discussions, what to say, when to say and how to say, approach towards job search, using tools for job search, building contacts etc.

 Your focused approach towards the problem and providing solution for that problem is indeed appreciable. 

 Your holistic view of the situation of what a person is going through and the guidance of how to tackle and overcome that situation has really helped me to a great extent. I have learnt this art from you and will make sure I will pass it on to people who come to me for any problem.


I thank you again for your kind support during this tenure and will surely be in touch with you. Needless to say, in future any problems related to the work front I will take the liberty of troubling you again 🙂  

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