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The Top 7 Sales Skills of Outstanding Sales Performers

1.Collaboration – Creates a solution-oriented approach. It means not only collaborating with your team-members but also with your customers to work towards a solution – together. `

2. Adaptability – allows you to change your course or actions as and when new situations develop. The direct by product of this mind-set is agility which allows you a greater edge over others in encompassing and dealing with change. This skill remains a game changer and is even more important now in the age of changing technologies. It automatically instills keen observation and an open minded mindset.

3. Listening – pertains mainly to active listening. This skill demonstrates empathy, regards for the speakers value and establishing an honest & direct relationship. This will enhance the consultative selling approach. Clients want to be heard and by giving them a platform to do so enables you to start building a mutually respectable relationship.

4. Resilience – pertains to your coping abilities. The drive, the stamina and the skill to stay in the game despite the dds stacked against you. This is the ability to recover from a difficult situation, time or a stretched condition. It is a built-up skill and develops with practice. Learn to learn the lesson and bounce back – leading to a positive outlook, agility and faith in self.

5. Story-telling – is a must-have skill in today’s digital era. The ability to bring the information at hand to life is through story-telling. The persuasion factor in highly engaging stories that succeeds in eliciting a powerful emphatic response cannot be ignored. Weave compelling facts into powerful stories – make a movie with your words and statements and you will have a hooked audience .

6. Emotional Intelligence – is the capacity to express and control emotions as well as infer those of others and respond empathetically. It incorporates self-awareness, motivations, socialization and empathy. These competencies can be practices and built up over time. Being able to discern the clients emotional state and having the ability to fine-tune the pitch to trigger emotional appeal is a huge advantage. It helps in developing strong emotional bonds with customers.

7. Self-Motivated – in simplistic terms is the force that drives you. It is the ability to do what needs to be done without intervention from other people. This is the basic building block of a good salesman. Self Motivation is the premise for Emotional Intelligence and incorporates self-belief, commitment, drive , initiative and optimism. Continuous learning, emotional well-being and keeping the right attitude can help develop this skill.

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