ADIEU 2021

Bidding adieu is never easy, and as we transition from Year 2021 to New Year 2022 it is with sense of nostalgia – we let go of something familiar and comfortable to embark upon a new journey. It was not an easy year, and certainly for most the shock of the 2nd corona wave is […]

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NETWORKING MAKES A COMEBACK What exactly is networking? A network is a connected community of professionals with related business interests as far as definition goes. It can include your colleagues – past and current, your school and college alumni, your clients or partners or people you meet at work functions or conferences. And pre-Covid you […]

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Let’s meet Mira I have a friend Mira who is a successful Executive Director with a leading corporate organization and heads a team of 30 at age 42. When I asked her the secret of staying focussed on her goals and career progress, she tells me that she has a life coach and a woman mentor. She takes regular sessions with both who help her through different aspects of her life.

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10 Ways Successful People Think Differently about Money Do you want to be rich? The starting step is to see how the wealthy and successful people think differently about money. If you want to be successful with money, you need to change your mindset. Here’s how successful people do it. 1. They spend after they […]

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10 Signs that you need a Career Coach

In the pandemic era, more and more people are transitioning careers – some out of choice, but most out of necessity. Many people need help to gain clarity regarding their careers but are unsure of how to go about it and who to approach. High uncertainty leading to massive layoffs has added an additional stress […]

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