10 ways to be more organized

Organizing one’s life is akin to a juggling act – You have to keep the balls in the air to keep them from crashing into the ground – and so it is with different areas of your life. The secret to achieving a well organized life is make sure that you are juggling less and […]

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How do you define Success

Well, is there anyone in this world who doesn’t love the smell of s-u-c-c-e-s-s?! Everyone is in the pursuit of money, power, relationships and a myriad of things – all associated with success, but no one ever stops to pause and wonder what really is success? Success ironically can mean different things to different people. […]

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The 7 Laws of Success to Ace your Interview!

How do you ensure that you stand out from competition? How do you make a great impression on the interviewer? What is your strategy for nailing the ‘out of syllabus’ questions? Let’s examine some great tips from the experts: 1. Do your homework – Research adequately – the Company, the interviewer, the JD. News search, […]

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Haryana – is derived from Hari + Ayana = abode of the God’s i.e where guests are treated as Gods. The State. In the days of Yore this was the land of the worshipers of ‘Hari’ – Lord Indra - since it is a dry region and the people always needed rain. Present day Haryana was carved out of East Punjab in 1966.

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The Top of The World

Far, far away in a mystical land, I stood at the base of a majestic mountain bracing myself for an arduous climb to ‘the top of the world’ – the ‘Tigers Nest ‘(Taktsang Monastery) in Bhutan. As per local lore, the monastery was the meditation site of an Eighth century Buddhist master ‘Padmasambhava’ (Guru Rinpoche) which means ‘he who came into being in a Lotus’.

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Fat Fish review

We had heard that the fish thali is good here so decided to give it a go. The ambience is nice, thatched hut look and the weather was great to be able to sit without air conditioning. Not much parking though for the rains.

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